Why Is It Important To Have A Car Seat Neck Support Pillow

Anyone who has sat in a car seat for a long period of time knows that it can be hard to get comfortable whether you’re the driver or the passenger.

Drivers and passengers, especially the driver, usually keep one posture, which causes stress to their neck vertebrae. Without effective support to their neck vertebrae, the driver and passenger easily feel neck pain as time passes. According to statistics, 70% of drivers suffer from cervical spondylosis. 

A car seat neck support pillow can effectively relieve neck discomfort. It can prevent cervical vertebra disease by relieving the pressure on the neck.

Knowhow Latex Neck Pillow

Neck sprain is one of the most common injuries in car accidents, as shown by the relevant department statistics. 

As the data show, the driver’s head or neck are damaged in 26% of rear-end collision. In a traffic accident, the fragile neck is likely to get injured due to the tremendous collision impact. If the driver correctly uses a car neck support pillow, the probability of the driver or the passenger getting neck injury can be reduced by 24%.

Besides, the driver and passenger easily feel neck discomfort without the protection of the car seat neck support pillow even if the speed is only 10km/h. In the same condition, if they use a high-quality car neck support pillow, their neck pain is reduced by 40%

Hence, it is very important for people to use a high-quality car seat neck support pillow. A car seat neck pillow is not only a decoration but also a protector for you neck and head.

As a professional latex car pillow manufacturer, Knowhow can produce the ideal latex neck support pillows for you. With many years of experience in manufacturing latex car pillows, Knowhow can help customize car pillows that suit your special needs. Knowhow is always pleased to help your business grow!

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