What are 7-zone latex mattresses and mattress zones?

What Is 7-Zone Latex Mattress

A 7-zone mattress is a latex mattress divided into seven different areas. These zones can be divided depending on how you want your mattress to feel. Each of the seven different zones can be configured differently as well. This makes it perfect for people who want their beds to feel comfortable but also very different.
Seven-zone Pattern Mould Mattress

Whole-Piece 7-Zone Patterned Latex Mattress

Whole-Piece 7-Zone Latex Mattress

What are mattress zones?

The seven distinct zones in a 7-zone latex mattress are designed to provide progressive comfort and support. The zones can be configured in various ways to allow each person to experience the same mattress differently. In a 7-zone mattress, the seven different zones include:

1. Head & Neck Zone: This has the least amount of firmness. It should be less firm to support your head and neck comfortably. The forehead is usually in this zone. It is slightly firmer, so your head will not sink into the mattress when you sleep on it. It is also the zone where your neck will be when you sleep on the mattress.

2. Shoulders Zone: This is where your shoulders will rest when you sleep on a 7-zone mattress. This zone should also be slightly firmer than the above and below for optimal support.

3. Lumber Zone: This zone is for your back. It should not be too firm or too soft. Instead, it can be adjusted so that you are supported gently during sleep without stiffness in the morning. This medium firmness zone is where most of your body weight will be distributed.

4. Hip Zone: This zone is ideal for the hips. It is among ng the softest area in the 7-zone mattress. When you sleep on a 7-zone mattress, this is where you will feel your hips sinking into the mattress. This medium softness feels very comfortable and relieves pressure from the hips. It can be adjusted to feel like a medium or firm layer for better support for your hips and legs.

5. Knee Zone: This is where your knees will rest when you sleep. This is a very soft area, ideal for knee support and comfort.

6. Leg Zone: This is where you will be when you sleep on the bed. This section of the mattress should feel very comfortable and should be soft enough to support your legs while they are in place.

7. Foot & Ankle Zone: This is the area under your feet. It should not be too hard or too soft. It is typically medium firmness for support. This can also be adjusted to feel like a medium or firm layer for better assistance when you sleep and put on your shoes in the morning.

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Seven-zone Pattern Mould Mattress

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