Top 5 Latex Mattress Suppliers & Manufacturers In The U.S.

Latex Mattress has gained popularity in the market in recent years. In this context, many people want to start or expand their latex mattress business, however, finding a reliable latex mattress supplier is quite difficult. In this article, we’ll introduce 5 latex mattress suppliers who are reliable, professional, and able to ship across the U.S. Hope this article is helpful for you!

These 5 Wholesale Latex Mattress Suppliers & Manufacturers will be introduced later on.
1 Knowhow
2 Sleepez
3 Sleeponlatex
4 Naturelle
5 Nature’s Embrace


Location: Guocun lndustry Park, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China
Company type: Factory, Manufacturer, Supplier & Wholesaler
Number of employees: 200+
Key Products: Latex Mattresses, Latex Pillows & Latex Sheets

Knowhow’s latex mattresses & pillows manufacturing factory locates in Jiangsu, China. With 11 years of experience in bedding products manufacturing, Knowhow has grown into an industry leading corporation that integrates product design, R&D, production, OEM, ODM, wholesale, logistics, etc. It is certified by ISO, SGS, and TUV and has become a member of ISPA, hence its product quality is guaranteed.
Knowhow's certificates    
Knowhow has a self-owned rubber tree farm in south Thailand where the tropical climate and long rainy season is suitable for the growth of rubber trees. That is why Knowhow has confidence in its latex material quality. The latex sap is well stored and then shipped to its manufacturing factory.

Sleep EZ

Location: 900 N Scottsdale Rd. Tempe, AZ 85281, USA
Company type: Factory & Manufacturer
Year Founded: 1976
Key Products: Mattresses, Foundations & Toppers
Sleep EZ has manufacturing facilities in the U.S.A, namely Phoenix, Arizona facility. They’ve been hand-making their high-quality latex mattresses in the factory for 42 years. They are focusing on matching their customer to the right mattress to acquire maximum comfort. Their affiliate program is clarified on their website. The benefits they promise include 7% Commission, Average commission +$100, and Dedicated Shareasale liaison. If you want to be one of it’s affiliation, just read affiliation program contents which you’ll find through the navigation bar at the bottom of their website pages.


Location: 5620 W Jarvis Ave Niles, IL
Company type: Factory & Manufacturer
Key Products: Latex Mattresses, Latex Toppers & Latex Pillows

Sleeponlatex has a factory in Chicago where all of its products are designed, sewn, assembled, and packaged there. Complete control over products allows Sleeponlates to ensure product quality. They take great pride and care in everything that they do in their factory. They have a passion for their products and want to make their products as available as possible. They claimed that they are able to offer the most affordable latex mattresses and mattress toppers in the United States by keeping their margins low and selling directly to their customers.


Location: 6380 Tomken road unit # 1 Mississauga Ontario Canada
Key Products: Latex Mattresses, Latex Toppers, & Beds

Naturelle is a proud manufacturer of organic latex mattresses and wholesale distributor of organic latex cores, toppers and pillows. They ship accross Canada & The US. They have their warehouse in Toronto (Vancouver Victoria, BC Alberta & Surrey, BC Barrie BC Montreal Nova Scotia ), New York (Easton, Maryland, Los Angeles, Pennsylvania). Their latex mattresses are highly customizable, so if you has custom needs, you can ask them for details.

Nature’s Embrace

Location: Unit 268 – 1538 Cliveden Ave Delta, BC, Canada
Company type: Factory & Manufacturer
Key Products: Mattresses, Pillows, Bedding & Foundations

Nature’s Embrace was founded over 35 years ago with the conviction that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep on a high-quality natural mattress. They’ve created a unique range of latex mattresses using only the purest natural and organic materials, adhering to our core principles of excellence and sustainability.

Their family-owned and operated business, based in Vancouver, BC, is Western Canada’s largest specialized organic latex mattress manufacturer. They take great pride in what they do, and the quality of their products reflects that. They genuinely care about their customers and want to give them the best deal possible. This is why, in order to keep their prices as low as possible, they manufacture all of our products in-house.


Partnering with reliable manufacturers & suppliers for your business needs is critical.
The success of every latex mattress in the market is related with its quality. The quality you choose for your brand has an impact on the amount of revenue you will make. Carefully pick your latex mattress suppliers!


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