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Newborn Latex Pillow

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Production Process

1. Tapping rubber

2. Storage and transportation

3. Processing

6. Delivery

5. Packaging

4. Sewing workshop

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About Knowhow

The founder of Knowhow, Steven Zhuang is a Certified Architect (Class I). Under high-intensity work, he suffered with the pain of cervical and lumbar spine. The body pain be relieved after he changed to use latex mattress and pillow following a doctor’s recommendation. Meanwhile so many people neglect their sleep and health due to the busy work, So Knowhow is coming to make everyone’s life better.
“My dream is to make every family get an exquisite and comfortable sleep and I will take this as my goal.” Said Mr. Zhuang.

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Benefits of Latex Pillow

Latex mattresses are sure to provide a soothing night’s sleep – and there are plenty of reasons.


With 11 years' experience, Knowhow has been certified by ISo, SGS, TUV and a member of ISPA.


Naturally resilient, latex mattresses maintain their shape and performance for many years.

Easy to maintain

Dunlopillo, the pioneers of latex mattresses, create single-sided latex mattresses so you don't need to flip your latex mattress.


The structure of latex means it is naturally resistant to dust mites. This helps maintain a fresh and healthy sleep environment.


The rubber trees used to collect latex convert over 90 million tons of carbon dioxide into oxygen every year. This makes latex one of the most eco-friendly mattress fillings available.

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