How Latex Mattress Are Made In Latex Mattress Factory?

This video shows the main production process of latex mattresses, if you want to know more specific details about latex mattress production, just go ahead and read.

(The Knowhow facility, located in Yangzhou, China, covers 200,000 square meters and manufactures 1000+ latex mattresses and 8,000+ latex pillows per day. Thanks to the modern manufacturing factory and experienced know-how team, our latex mattress production is intended for a healthy and high-quality sleeping experience. )

Latex Mattress Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing of latex mattresses comprises a number of stages, including 1) Latex Collection and Transport → 2) Latex Core Formation → 3) Molding and Comfort Levels → 4) Vulcanization and Quality Control → 5) Packaging and Distribution

Full Capacity In Our Latex Mattress Manufacturing Plant

1000+ Pcs Of Latex Mattress Daily

Our bulk production allows us to complete latex pillows that you order in a very short time.

3 Instock Styles

We have 7 zone latex mattress, massage latex mattress and latex sheet. All of these styles are sold well in the market. There must be one option that is ideal for you.

3 Production Lines

Our production lines enable us to diverse latex mattresses production simultaneously.

Mainly Exported to 14+ countries

We have shipped our latex mattresses to numerous customers all over the world, mainly including 14 countries such as Australia, Germany, Israel, Dubai, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, USA, and New Zealand.

10+ Customers Visited Our Factory

A great many of our customers have visited our factory. (Australia, Germany, Israel, Dubai, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the United States, New Zealand, etc.)

Participate In Various Exhibitions

Every year we take part in Canton fair, displaying our latex mattresses and meeting businesses that want to grow their private-label latex pillow business. We also attended the Shanghai International Trade Fair, The China Import and Export Fair, Asia Pacific Sourcing, etc.

How To Make Latex Mattress Step By Step

Latex Collection and Transport

As a latex mattress manufacturer and supplier, we operate our own rubber tree farm in Thailand. The workers carefully tap rubber trees to collect liquid latex without causing harm to the trees or the environment. The collected latex sap is then stored and transported to the latex mattress production facility in China.

Latex Core Formation

The production process for the latex core is fully automated. It starts with a specific latex formula and compressed air, which are used to create foam with the desired density. This foam is infused with tiny air bubbles to create an open cell structure. This structure enhances breathability and temperature regulation during sleep.

Molding and Comfort Levels

A robot spreads the foam mixture into molds designed with pin-core holes that determine different comfort levels. These molds are carefully designed to achieve various levels of comfort for the mattress.

Vulcanization and Quality Control

The latex core undergoes vulcanization (or baking) and is then extensively washed and dried. The core is inspected for hardness, density, and visual perfection. This thorough quality control process ensures that the core meets rigorous standards. If the core passes these criteria, it moves on to the next step.

Packaging and Distribution

After meeting the quality standards, the latex core is packaged and prepared for shipment to customers worldwide. This step marks the completion of the manufacturing process.

Knowhow latex mattresses carry multiple independent certifications, attesting to their adherence to high safety and comfort standards. These certifications provide customers with confidence in the quality of the mattresses they purchase.

In summary, the production of Knowhow latex mattresses involves collecting latex sap from rubber trees, automating the latex core formation process, molding the core for different comfort levels, rigorous quality control, packaging, and distribution. The mattresses’ certifications ensure safety and comfort, while the use of natural latex aligns with eco-friendly choices.

If you’re struggling with bulk purchases of latex mattresses, feel free to get in touch with us. As a professional latex mattress manufacturer, we can offer you services such as wholesale customization of latex mattresses. We are confident that we can provide you with satisfactory products, services, and quotations. Don’t hesitate to contact us now.


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